The state and employers will often ask you for your fingerprints. Fingerprints are required for out of state employment, for insurance and medical licenses, child identification kits and for almost all immigration and identification purposes. Employers and state agencies have different requirements during background checks. This makes fingerprinting a rather confusing process, especially for first-timers. Read more info.


Fingerprinting can be done using either of two methods; ink fingerprinting and Livescan fingerprinting. Livescan fingerprinting is also known as electronic fingerprinting. Ink fingerprinting is the traditional method of fingerprinting which uses ink and a fingerprint card. This method of collecting fingerprints is used in situations where Livescan cannot be used. For instance, you can only use ink fingerprinting if you are applying for a job outside Nevada as Livescan is not available over Nevada state lines. Ink fingerprinting has several flaws. One, ink fingerprinting is a slow process. The fingerprint hard cards have to be mailed if they are required out of state. Using this method, it could take up to months to get back the results of a background check. Additionally, there is always the risk for of your prints being rejected for poor quality prints. If your prints are rejected, you will have to repeat the process, which only adds to the waiting period. Ink fingerprinting is also messy and leaves ink stains on your palms and fingers.


Livescan technology is the answer to the problems of ink fingerprinting. Unlike ink fingerprinting which can take months, the background checks results through a Livescan usually come back within days. With electronic fingerprinting, the fingerprints will be transmitted electronically to the state agency or employer. Further, Livescan technology produces high-quality prints that do not run the risk of rejection. It is also inkless, thus does not create a mess. Although Livescan is preferred by most employers and states, the fingerprinting method you choose will be determined by the requirements of the employer or agency. Discover more facts about fingerprinting at


States and government agencies will in most cases be unable to handle all the fingerprinting needs and resort to private contractors to collect the fingerprints. Fingerprinting Express is one such private company that offers these fingerprinting services in Las Vegas. Fingerprinting Express uses equipment of superior resolution to produce prints that meet standards that are acceptable to law enforcement agencies. Anytime you are in need of fingerprinting Las Vegas, call Fingerprinting Express and they will give a quote for the service. Although the prices will vary depending on the reason for fingerprinting Fingerprinting Express will be sure to match the prices charged by other providers.